Grain Corn

    Grain Corn is not usually fed to humans; it is fed to all livestock. But it is mostly fed to cows, sheep, and chickens. The chickens just clean up what the cows don’t eat. Also the younger cows, which are called calves and the chickens, eat unprocessed grain corn. Which by unprocessed I mean by not going through a grainer or a roller which I will talk about later. And most farmers will primary fed their animals Grain Corn and Hay. Grain Corn is there big supply of energy though, because it gives them the most nutrients. But in other grains such as the sprouted, soaked, or fermented grains, they do not give your body any nutrients.

                Grain Corn is processed through a grainer and a roller, to make it smaller than is normal size. Each cornel and be broken down to four thousand to ten thousand pieces! But the mature cows, they will eat dry grain corn, which should be dived into four or ten pieces.

            Also you can also soak, sprout, or ferment the grains. Each of them has different ways to protect them around the world. But as you know, plants can’t run or fight back from being eaten, they have to protect themselves in a different type of way. Some of them are surrounded in poison oak to keep animals away. And other times the grain will be hard to spot by an animal’s eye, so they will not be able to pick it out of the crop and eat it.

            But for humans to eat the soaked, sprouted, or fermented grains, many people don’t know if it is healthy for us. Most people don’t take the risk of eating the grains. But if you do want to eat the grains, you will have to prepare it to not make it harmful to your body.

                So you can take which ever route you want to. You can eat them if you believe they taste good, you just have to be very careful preparing it. Or if you’re a farmer, and you want to give you animals grains to give them the nutrients they need to make them big and healthy, please do so.

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“Grain Corn” 3/8/12

“Grain Corn”


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  1. In the past I have read alot of blogs about corn and I did not think I could learn much more. What I did learn from this post was that most people do not eat the grains because they mat be harmful to us.

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